Staged exhibition: “Unnamed nature project”

June -July 2014 @ Rakvere gallery








Journey to the unnamed ­­>

… and we went looking for something unnamed. We found nothing.

No­thing as scene we experienced, thus needs no name, in order to keep the magic and

0­gravity. Naming as a desire to own, control and execute the surrounding.

What becomes name­worthy?
For example, height is important parameter for mountains. But does it also include areas

that are outside from the conditional borders? How deep into goes the name of the

“Moving towards the peak allows you to sense the loss of gravity… I am so high up, my

feet won’t touch the ground. And with me levitates the cloud. It represents the borders

between the gravity as reality / being and not­being.”

There is nothing visualizing the mirroring of the invisible better than a tree, which has the same length of roots under the ground comparing the length of branches on the ground.

Mirroring of this kind is a proof from not­being. Natural non-places: unnamed, invisible, hidden, magical non­realities.

Journey to the unnamed ­­>

Connecting the places visited on the map won’t complete the task.

Rather the drifts to the unnamed.

Henri Hütt & Evelyn Raudsepp


More photos by: Hannes Aasamets


More info:





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