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Henri Hütt & Evelyn Raudsepp

Postkaardikomplekti “Nimetuse võimalikkusest: post-Kaardil” / Postcard set: “Unnamed nature postproject”




Open call / World’s smallest residency space

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(Somewhere deep where introvert and exotic gets mixed)

From 2014 there will be a new residency programme! At the moment the programme consists of all type of residencies.

The residency programme kicks off and the participants for the residencies will be selected through open calls.

The aim of the residency programme is to offer space for in-depth research and focused production time, immersion in new cultural contexts, critical support of international residency communities. This will allow for long-term peer-networks, a range of future collaborations, and strengthen the development of individual practices as well as the discursive connections in international contemporary art field.

To apply: Please send a short (motivation)letter to

NB! You will receive this house (for a limited time) and artwork can be born. 

House will send it to you (by post)

No money talks!

Apply now!!!

NB! Dynamic visualization can be found here:

Residency project